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Note: Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

Pool Monitor Announcement

Dear Residents of Villages of Westport;

As we quickly approach the summer months, on behalf of the Villages of Westport Community Development District Board of Supervisors, I’m pleased to announce the new management company, Governmental Management Services (GMS), will be providing pool monitor(s) beginning this weekend!  The responsibility of the pool monitors will be to enforce the policies of the District, ensure all patrons of the amenities are residents or guest of a resident and ensure our facilities are enjoyed by all!  Please be respectful of our staff as they are only trying to follow the directions given to them by the Board of Supervisors.  During the first few weeks, staff will be asking for ID’s and/or access cards.  For your convenience a copy of the current District policies are attached and are posted on the Districts website at  The following are the typical violations that could result in the suspension of access privileges:

  1. Disrespectful treatment of staff
  2. Alcohol at the pool
  3. Music out loud, inappropriate language
  4. Running, diving or throwing of balls
  5. Having a floatation device such as a large raft
  6. Smoking on CDD property
  7. Bringing more than five (5) guests to the amenities at one time
  8. Damage of CDD property

Thank you in advance for making the Villages of Westport community a great place to live and raise a family!

Yashekia Scarlette
Chair, Board of Supervisors

Basic Information


The Villages of Westport Community Development District (“District”) is an independent special district, created pursuant to and existing under the provisions of Chapter 190, Florida Statutes, enacted by Ordinance 2001-246 on April 3, 2001. The District includes within its boundaries approximately 1812 acres of land located entirely within the boundaries of Duval County, Florida.

The Villages of Westport Community Development District is a local, special purpose government entity authorized by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes as amended, and created by ordinance of the Board of County Commissioners of Duval County, Florida as an alternative method of planning, acquiring, operating and maintaining community-wide improvements in planned communities. A CDD provides the “solution” to Florida’s need to provide valuable community infrastructure generated by growth, ultimately without overburdening other governments and their taxpaying residents. Community Development Districts represent a major advancement in Florida’s effort to manage its growth effectively and efficiently. This allows a developer to establish higher construction standards, meanwhile providing a long-term solution to the operation and maintenance of the community’s facilities.

District Infrastructure and Property

The District issued its Series 2005A Bonds (“Bonds”) to fund the construction and/or acquisition of stormwater management improvements, landscaping, utilities, and roadways.


District Annual Budgets

The District will annually approve both a Series 2005A Bonds debt service budget and an operations and maintenance “O&M” budget. The Series 2005A Bonds require level annual debt service and so the bond debt service budget will not vary substantially from year-to-year.


District Annual Non-Ad Valorem Assessments

The District annually levies and collects from property owners within its boundaries both a bond debt service assessment and an O&M assessment, as authorized by Chapter 190, Florida Statutes. The bond debt service assessment helps amortize the District’s Series 2005A Bonds. The O&M assessment funds the District’s annual O&M activities. Assessments for platted lots are collected on the Duval County tax bill. Chapter 197, Florida Statutes, provides a mechanism pursuant to which such special assessments may be placed on the tax roll and collected by the local tax collector. The District has previously authorized the use of the Uniform Method by, among other things, entering into agreements with the Property Appraiser and Tax Collector of the County for that purpose.

A  map of the District’s boundaries can be found here: PDF | RTF


Florida Law requires that the District publish an annual meeting schedule for the fiscal year one time in a newspaper of general circulation in Duval County. The Board may decide to cancel or reschedule any of its meetings, or add meetings or workshops as items of business dictate. These new meetings will be advertised in the newspaper at least seven (7) days in advance, and agendas are available on the website a week prior to the meeting.


October 23, 2023
January 22, 2024 – CANCELED
February 26, 2024 – CANCELED
April 24, 2024 at 3:30 pm
Monday, May 13, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.
June 27, 2024 at 5:00 p.m
July 22, 2024

All meetings will convene at 1826 Dunn Avenue, Jacksonville, FL  32218, at 5:30 p.m.

  • Yashekia Scarlett
    Yashekia Scarlett CHAIRMAN

    Seat 1

    12504 Weeping Branch Cir
    Jacksonville, FL 32218

    Term Expires: 11/2024

  • Godfrey Story

    Seat 2

    12613 Weeping Branch Circle
    Jacksonville, Florida 32218

    Appointed:  05/13/24
    Term Expires:  11/2026


  • Anina Guyton    
    Anina Guyton     VICE CHAIR

    Seat 3

    12356 Cadley Circle
    Jacksonville, Florida 32219                     

    Appointed:  04/24/24
    Term Expires:  2026

  • Carl Hawkins

    Seat 4

    12258 Crossfield Drive
    Jacksonville, Florida 32219

    Appointed:  04/24/24
    Term Expires:  2026

  • Alice Sanford

    Seat 5

    12350 Cadley Cir
    Jacksonville, FL 32219

    Term Expires: 11/2024

Governmental Management Services

Governmental Management Services (GMS) is a family of limited liability companies that was established on November 26, 2004 for the purpose of providing special district management services to Community Development Districts (CDD). GMS currently has offices in Orlando, St. Cloud, Ft. Lauderdale, Tallahassee, Port St. Lucie, St. Augustine, and Jacksonville, Florida, and Knoxville, Tennessee. GMS currently manages over 130 Community Development Districts across the State of Florida.

475 West Town Place, Suite 114
World Golf Village
St. Augustine, Florida 32092
Phone: +1 (904) 940-5850


  • Attend, record and conduct all regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors Meetings including landowners meetings.
  • Presentation of District’s annual budget in accordance with Chapter 190, Florida Statutes.
  • Ensure District is in compliance with administrative and financial reporting for Community Development Districts.
  • Correspond and communicate with Board of Supervisors and Staff to respond to the various needs of the District and Community.
  • Prepare agendas for circulation to the Board of Supervisors.
  • Prepare annual budget, financials, monthly disbursements.
  • Review annual insurance policy to ensure District maintains proper insurance coverage.

For information regarding this District, please contact the District Manager:

Darrin Mossing


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The Board adopts the budget each year in accordance with a process outlined in the Florida Statutes. Each Fiscal Year runs from October 1 to September 30. The Board will first approve a proposed budget in the spring and will provide it to Duval County at least 60 days before the budget hearing, at which time the Board will adopt the final budget and levy the resulting non-ad valorem assessments.

  • Fiscal Year 2025 Approved Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2024 Adopted O&M Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2024 Adopted Debt Service Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2024 Proposed Debt Service Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2024 Proposed O&M Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2023 Proposed O&M Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2023 Adopted Debt Service Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2023 Adopted O&M Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2023 Proposed Debt Service Budget
  • Fiscal  Year 2022 Proposed Debt Service Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2022 Proposed O&M Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2022 Adopted Debit Service Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2022 Adopted O&M Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2022 Revised O&M Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2021 Proposed O&M Budget
  • `Fiscal Year 2021 Proposed Debt Service Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2021 Adopted O&M Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2021 Adopted DS Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2020 Debt Service Series 2005 Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2020 Adopted O&M Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2020 Adopted Debt Service  Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2019 Adopted Debt Service Budget
  • Fiscal Year 2019 Adopted O&M Budget

For anyone interested in adopted budgets prior to fiscal year 2019, please contact the District Office.

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Audited Financial Statements:

As the District’s audited financial statements are prepared by an independent auditor, and accepted by the Board, we will post them on the website for your information. If you are interested in an audit for a previous fiscal year, please contact the District Office. For more information on audits, please visit

    • Fiscal Year 2022 Audit Report
    • Fiscal Year 2021 Audit Report
    • Fiscal Year 2020 Audit Report
    • Fiscal Year 2018 Audit Report

Additional District Documents:

    • Fiscal Year 2024 Assessment Schedule
    • Fiscal Year 2024 Meeting Schedule
    • Fiscal Year 2023 Assessment Schedule
    • Fiscal Year 2022 Assessment Schedule
    • Establishing Rule
    • Amenity Center Policies and Fees
    • Fiscal Year 2021 Assessment Schedule
    • Community Update – January 2018
    • Notice of Boundary Amendment
    • Towing  Policy
    • Policy Relating to Spending Authority and Procurement

Fiscal Year 2024 Meeting Agendas:




  • 10-23-23
    • Part 1: PDF | RTF
    • Part 2: PDF | RTF
    • Part 3: PDT | RTF

Fiscal Year 2023 Meeting Agendas:






contact info

Contact Info

Villages of Westport CDD
475 West Town Place, Suite 114
World Golf Village
St. Augustine, Florida 32092
(407) 841-5524


GMS North Florida

475 West Town Place, Suite 114
World Golf Village
St. Augustine, Florida 32092
(407) 841-5524

For Onsite Amenity and Field Maintenance Questions or Concerns, please contact the Field Operations Manager:

Tim Harden-Vesta Property Services
(904) 612-6668


Kilinski | Van Wyk

Jennifer Kilinski

517 E. College Ave.
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: +1 (877) 350-0372

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Darrin Mossing, District Manager

Florida Public Records Notice: Emails to and from Community Development District’s are public record according to Section 119 Florida Statutes. For more information, please see

Note: Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.